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We are Dan and Christina Kronstal, and this is our blog.

Right now it is pretty much exclusively about our travels, but once we return there might be writings of a more diverse nature.

  1. dittmar permalink

    hey u 2!

    obviously you are having a good time. i do not see berlin on your schedule though. boooh!

    greetings … dittmar

    • christina.kronstal permalink


      We are DEFINITELY coming to Berlin… don’t you worry. We just fly out of Frankfurt when we choose to leave Europe. :)

  2. Keith Duhaime permalink

    Nice blog! Loved reading about Nice. Aldyn and I will be visiting in November. Say hello to your dad (Walt) and mom (Flo) for us. We are so looking forward to hearing about their Italy adventure.

    Keith & Aldyn

    • christina.kronstal permalink

      Thank you for the welcome basket that we received in Tuscany. We enjoyed trying out some of the local fruits!

  3. Sebastian permalink

    Hey Christina and Dan. It was very nice to meet you both in Verona. Hopefully your will like your stay in Germany as much as the other countries on your world trip. If you will maybe come to Nueremberg, just write me. I can show you the highlights ;-) .

    Sebastian (&Anja )

    • christina.kronstal permalink

      Hey Sebastian,

      We had a great time meeting you and Anja. We’re not sure what our plans are for Germnay yet, but if we find ourselves in Nuremberg, you’ll be the first to know!

  4. Melody Smith permalink

    I am a retired school teacher and will be going to Udaipur for a couple weeks. I am going to stay three different places, including the Chandra Niwas place. I am hoping I can bring something useful for the children. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Also, if the teachers need anything.

    • christina.kronstal permalink

      Hi Melody,

      If you have any new/used laptops, that would come in handy for the teachers, along with books for the kids to read. We’ve also given them prizes for coming to class regularly, which normally consisted of items that they could also use for their schoolwork (like cool pencils, erasers, notebooks, rulers, etc.)

      Hope you have a great time in Udaipur!

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